Gorgeous Necklaces Seek Lovely Necks

Which piece of clothing do you choose first when you get dressed? I choose a necklace. It's Act I, Scene I in the Judith Theater. It's the dramatic moment when the star sweeps on the stage, the focus of attention. The necklace sets the mood, the emotional tone. Then I choose my clothes.


Which piece resonates with your day?  What are your plans? Work? Play? Party? Who are you meeting? Sweetheart? Boss? BFF? Where are you going? Should your look be casual? Sparkly? Sophisticated? Fun? Which colors do you crave? Warm? Cool? Mixed? Muted or wildly bright? Monotone or high contrast? 


When you choose your necklace first your clothes choices become easier. How will you know you'll find a matching outfit? Hey, it's you! Your taste, your looks. The other day I wanted to look soft and feminine. I chose a crocheted lariat in whisper pink and a color I call wet sandcastle, shot through with glints of gold fiber, ends shining with mother of pearl and Swarovski crystal. Check it out under Fiber. The sweater and pants I chose echoed those colors perfectly. Try it. Let me know how it works for you!


Almost all of my necklaces can be part of a suite with earrings and a bracelet. Contact me at judith@judithglassman.com for details.


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