Necklaces - Fiber

Think Cozy!

Back in 2002, when I first began this phase of jewelry design, I woke up one cold morning, grabbed a silver necklace, and shivered. "Whoa! I want a warm and cozy piece of jewelry at my neck." Do you ever feel that way on a frigid February morning?


The necklace had to be decorative and glittery, a piece of  jewelry after all. I started using seductive satin cord, attaching semi-precious stone donuts. I used satin cord for lariats finished with Swarovski  crystal. Then a customer asked for a black and red dog collar with an off-center flower. I learned crochet to do this piece and have crocheted many lariats and necklaces since then. I am a knitter since forever, but a crochet hook seemed a more appropriate tool for a small piece of jewelry. 

Dance Hall Girl on the Town

DMC Pearl Cotton

Oh so flirty! This piece is adjustable, so you can wear it dog-collar style around the neck or in a slightly longer choker length. A crocheted button at the back fits into one of three buttonhole sized spaces at the end. Contact me for other colors. 


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Cowgirl Kitty

Rayon Chainette, Vintage Button

I just bought a new supply of this button that had not been available for a long time. When I saw it back in stock I happy-danced in the middle of the store - yeah, brick and mortar!


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I'll Have a Classic Martini Please

Rayon Chainette, Silver Thread, Vintage Button

I always feel so retro when I wear this choker. You may too. You'll want to bat your eyelashes, olden style. It's light, comfortable and just a bit flashy. I rarely wear it to an office, good girl that I am. Your choice.


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Sunshine Girl's Garden

Blue Heron Rayon Metallic, Chrysoprase, Dyed Jade, Gold Tone Metal

Blue Heron's Rayon Metallic comes in the most delicious array of colors. I think I have them all by now.  I planned to attach pale stones on the ends, but the first customer who ordered this necklace thought vivid. I found the perfect stones. Contact me if you'd like different stones on the ends.


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Sandcastle Dreaming

Blue Heron Rayon Metallic, Mother of Pearl, Swarovski, Gold Tone Metal

A classy and casual feminine beauty. I love it with a pale pink cashmere v-neck and tan trousers.


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Teal Tales

Blue Heron Rayon Metallic, Swarovski, Gold Fill, Gold Tone Metal

I love the way this oh so gorgeous Blue Heron colorway matches the Swarovski beads. I positioned the beads next to the magnet clasp. The beads can be a hidden secret at the back of your neck, or you can show them off in front. I used the same yarn color and Swarovski combo in a lariat and in a bracelet. 


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Adjustable Donut, Sugar Free

Carnelian, Satin Cord, Sterling Silver

I love being able to adjust the length of a necklace. Sliding knots work beautifully with sleek satin cord and the small carnelian beads add the perfect finishing touch. 


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Cool Colors

Green Aventurine, Swarovski, Satin Cord, Sterling Silver

Casual, adjustable and just right when you want to fit in but be noticed at the same time. On a day full of meetings perhaps? Yes, an every-day sort of necklace. 


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YeeHaw Lariat

Satin Cord, Swarovski, Sterling Silver

This top quality slinky satin cord will feel so smooth around your neck. The cord comes in many glorious colors, and I can make one to your order with coordinated stones or Swarovski crystals. Contact me to discuss. A great look for a rhinestone cowgirl. 


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