Custom Design

Creating with You in the Jewelry Playground

Yes, my jewelry design and creation process can be totally solitary. Picture me at my work table, surrounded by my boxes of materials and works in progress, totally focused and engaged. Playing with the colors and shapes of my beads and fiber is great fun alone. This joy is enhanced, my  enthusiasm doubled, when I add the keen excitement of someone who loves my ideas and stones but has a vision that may be far down on my to-do list, or a concept that would not have occurred to me. 


The custom design process starts with a consultation. I supply sketches or lay out or swatch a design. I have designed in client's homes and offices, in restaurants, on Amtrak commutes, in Central Park. For customers who are not local to New York City, I work on the web, using Drop Box to send large photos back and forth. My fee is $100 an hour for the custom design process, which can be several hours, depending on the complexity of the project. Custom designed pieces are almost always one of a kind. 


Here are a few samples of custom pieces. If you see one you like, contact me at to see if I can create a similar piece for you.

From the Mines of  Nevada and Arizona

Carico Lake and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver

I created this design as a birthday present for a friend's sister. I designed the pattern with the Carico Lake and Sleeping Beauty turquoise and the silver beads. Together with another friend we looked at several different sterling chains and clasps, testing and working together until we high-fived and said Yesssss! One of a kind.

Good Stones for Jill

Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Gold Fill

My dear friend Jill Hanratty is a well-known designer for a host of top crochet magazines. At the beginning of her crochet career, described in Champions, she was advised that a combination of citrine and carnelian would be beneficial, supplying energies she needed. Could I make a necklace? I never would have thought to combine these stones. But I had some superior carnelian in unusual shapes, dazzling citrine, and bold peridot, and I would do anything for Jill. She agrees with my modest opinion that the necklace is phenomenal! One of a kind. 

Statement in Turquoise

Carico Lake, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, 14k

Years ago I designed this necklace for an Arizona friend who wanted a sophisticated show-stopper she could wear to social and business events. Jaws drop wherever she wears it. This one was a simple process. I designed it; she loved it immediately and loves it to this day. One of a kind.



Apatite, Green Garnet, Amethyst, 14k

The colors of sea, sky, sunlight and sand, a gorgeous summer day on a Montauk beach. Montauk, the ocean side, is my personal favorite beach. You can substitute your own.


I made this necklace for myself, collaborating only with the stones. The waxy blue Apatite briolettes are  no longer available. There are other apatite shapes with that assertive depth of color. If you like the look, contact me to discuss a custom design.

$350 - $500

Red Is All You Need

Coral, Swarovski, Gold Fill

This is another Jill Hanratty inspiration. I tend to blues and greens. Jill stretches into new areas with her favorite color, vibrant red. One season she wanted a necklace from me in bright, brilliant red, inspiring me to find a color that I was sure did not occur in nature.  One of a kind.

Sometimes it's Cool to Sing the Blues

Apatite, Blue Topaz, Sterling Silver

This necklace for my sister grew out of a much more complex one. The central color was pale pink lavender amethyst, with festoons of chain curving along the bottom. Arlene kept simplifying it. I think she would have kept going,  but she had compassion for me. And it really rocks! One of a kind.

A Bushel of Reds

Swarovski Ruby, Rose, Fuchsia, Sterling Silver

Alison Baker, another of my Champions, encouraged me to try an assortment of Swarovski reds and hot pinks. She asked for a bigger bead than I normally would use. She loves it! I do too! Swarovski no longer makes the color ruby in that size and shape. Other reds come close. One of a kind.

Multicolor Glitter

Swarovski Siam, Fuchsia,  Sunflower AB, Aquamarine AB, Sterling Silver

This unlikely combination of Swarovski colors works beautifully! It was inspired by Rachel B., whose jewelry ideas are always powerful, unexpected, and well worth perfecting with her.


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