What's the Best Thing About Bracelets?

Simple. Like rings, you can see them. You're eating or texting or walking or driving. Your bracelet catches your eye. You love it and it makes you smile. 


I use very strong magnet clasps on my bracelets, so putting one on and taking it off is super easy! Take the bracelet off by grasping the wrapped loop or heavy jump ring at one side of the magnet and pulling that half of the magnet away from the other. Don't open the magnet by yanking on the cord or chain. If you prefer another clasp, you can order one.


Okay. Magnet-on-wrist awareness. Pay attention when you slip a tote or shopping bag over your wrist. The handle can get between the join. If your wrist drags behind you on a metal banister, detach bracelet from banister, not from wrist. You will be able to pick up a knife or fork with these bracelets, leading to astonishment and giggles at the table.

Protection in Black and Pink

Enameled Brass and Rhinestones, Black Spinel, Sterling Silver

Evil, stay away! Even if you're not a believer you will believe in the attention you get when you wear this amulet on your wrist. Available with satin cord.


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Beautiful Blue Day

Apatite, Sterling Silver

Pure apatite, simply and totally blue. Wear it alone. Stack it with silver bangles, maybe throw in a touch of coral. Look at it a lot. You will notice eyes focusing on your wrist.


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Victorian with Muscle

Kunzite, Ruby, Rock Crystal, Seed Pearls, Sterling Silver

Most of the ingredients in this bracelet are well-mannered, discreet, old-fashioned. Then there are those kunzite nuggets. Delicate pale pink, to be sure. Irresistibly iridescent. But bigger, irregular shapes. Internal sheets at different depths shimmer when you move your wrist. Powerful. Clearly the leaders of the pack.


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American Glass

Cane Glass, Leather Cord, Copper

This beautiful glass, made by famed glassmaker David Christensen, is available in a painter's palette of colors and patterns and many different shapes. I put these beads on a bright orange leather cord. You should have enough of these to wear a different bracelet every day.  Contact me at to see more choices.


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A Christening Dream

Crocheted Silk

Pure whisper white, totally washable if treated like silk, of course!  No magnet, since mom is most likely to be tying the bow. Now, if mom wants one, in white or another color, I would close it with a magnet. Mom - or Dad, if you see Mom's eyes get big with that special light - contact me for colors, clasp choice, length.


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A Garden on Your Wrist

Cloisonne Discs, Swarovski, Gold Fill

Top quality cloisonne, fine detail, vivid colors. There are only a few of these left. I haven't found any cloisonne beads that I like as much but stay tuned. I keep looking and have confidence. Hmmm...maybe some delicate filigree with dazzling crystal.


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Coral Agate

Botswana Agate, Sterling Silver, Leather

Okay, this stone is agate, not coral. But the amazing color! Most Botswana Agate is striated with various shades of gray. I found a strand of agates in pale peach accented with browns and grays. Each one is different, of course. Each one teaches a lesson of the earth in color and pattern.


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Southwest Afternoon

Turquoise, Sterling Silver

The deep blue turquoise nugget in this simple bracelet delivers a vision of Arizona or Nevada or New Mexico to your wrist. The turquoise is anchored to stay in the center of the bracelet.


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